Are you having trouble writing your chemistry lab report? Here is a guide. Lab reports are required in all laboratory courses and are usually worth a significant portion of your grade. Use the outline provided by your instructor for writing a lab report. Some instructors expect a lab report to be included in the lab notebook, while others expect a separate report. Here’s a lab report format you can use if you’re not sure what to write or need an explanation of what to include in the various sections of the report.

If you are a science student, you are aware that lab reports are an important part of the science curriculum. Following the completion of the experiment in the laboratory, the next step is to document the process and results. When writing a chemistry lab report, keep in mind that you can accurately capture methodology, observations, and results. When writing a chemistry lab report, you must ensure that the reader can easily replicate the experiment after reading your report.

Write a chemistry lab report: Important Steps

There are numerous formats for writing a chemistry lab report. You can either ask your instructors for the format your institute uses or use the standard format below.

Essentials of a Lab Report

Page Title

Although title pages are not required for all lab reports, if your instructor requests one, it should be a single page that states:

How to Write an MLA Report

The experiment’s title.

Name, as well as the names of any lab partners.

The name of your teacher.

The date the lab was completed or the report was submitted.


What you did is stated in the title. It should be concise (ten words or less) and should summarize the main point of the experiment or investigation. A title might be “Effects of Ultraviolet Light on Borax Crystal Growth Rate.” If possible, begin your title with a keyword rather than an article such as “The” or “A.”

Introduction or Goal

Typically, the introduction is one paragraph that explains the lab’s objectives or purpose. State your hypothesis in one sentence. An introduction may include background information, a brief summary of how the experiment was carried out, the experiment’s findings, and a list of the investigation’s conclusions. Even if you don’t write an entire introduction, you must state the purpose of the experiment or why you conducted it. This is where you would state your hypothesis.


Make a list of everything you’ll need to finish your experiment.


Describe the procedures you followed during your investigation. This is how you do things. Be as detailed as possible so that anyone reading this section can replicate your experiment. Write it as if you were directing someone else to complete the lab. It may be useful to include a figure that depicts your experimental setup.


Numerical data obtained from your procedure is typically presented in the form of a table. Data includes everything you recorded during the experiment. It is simply the facts, without any interpretation of what they mean.


Describe the data in your own words. The Results and Discussion sections are sometimes combined.

Analysis or discussion

The Data section includes numbers, and the Analysis section includes any calculations you performed based on those numbers. This is where you interpret the data and decide whether a hypothesis was accepted or not. This is also where you would discuss any errors you may have made during the investigation. You might want to describe how the study could have been improved.


The conclusion is typically a single paragraph that summarizes what occurred in the experiment, whether your hypothesis was accepted or rejected, and what this means.

Diagrams and graphs

A descriptive title must be assigned to both graphs and figures. Label the axes of a graph, including units of measurement. The independent variable (the one you’re measuring) is on the X-axis, and the dependent variable (the one you’re measuring) is on the Y-axis. In the text of your report, make sure to refer to figures and graphs: the first figure is Figure 1, the second figure is Figure 2, and so on.


If your research was based on someone else’s work or if you cited facts that necessitate documentation, you should cite these sources.

Elements of a Lab Report

You must now write up your results in a lab report after you have completed an experiment and collected all of the necessary information in your lab notebook as well as any supplementary data from analytical instruments. The goal of writing reports on experiments or observations is to communicate exactly what happened and to clearly discuss the results.


The abstract is a one- or two-paragraph summary of the report that is concise but detailed. It should include the following four components:

What the study’s objectives were (the central question);

Brief description of what was done (Methods); concise description of what was discovered (Results); concise description of what was concluded (Discussion).

The abstract is frequently the last section of the report to be written.


This section explains why you conducted the experiment. Include background information indicating why the topic is of interest, as well as related findings. It should include the following:

Descriptions of the problem’s nature and summaries of relevant research to provide context and key terms to help your reader understand the experiment.

A statement outlining the study’s purpose, scope, and general method of investigation. Express the main point of your inquiry.

Experiment descriptions, hypothesis(es), and research questions Explain your reasoning for certain observations.

Experimentation (Materials and Methods)

This section should detail all experimental procedures so that someone else can replicate the experiment. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Explain the general scientific procedure you used to investigate the problem.

Describe your materials, subjects, and equipment (Materials).

Describe the steps you took in your experiment and how you proceeded (Methods).

It is necessary to describe mathematical equations and statistical tests.


The results section should present data from your experiment and summarize it using text, tables, and/or figures. Sections with effective results include:

All results, including those that do not support the hypothesis, should be presented.

Statements in the text must be supported by the data in figures and tables.


The discussion section should explain the significance of the results and provide a detailed account of what happened in the experiment to the reader. Based on the hypothesis and purpose of the experiment, evaluate what happened. If the results contained errors, investigate the causes of the errors. The following topics should be discussed:

Summarize the key findings from your observations.

Describe the patterns, principles, and relationships revealed by your results for each result. Explain how your results compare to your expectations and the references you used. Any agreements, contradictions, or exceptions must be explained. Describe how additional research could be conducted to resolve contradictions or explain exceptions.

Explain the theoretical implications of your findings. Extend your discoveries to other situations or species. Give us the big picture: how do your findings help us understand a bigger picture?


A brief description of what was done, how it was done, the results, and your conclusions from the experiment. (This is similar to the Abstract.)


A list of published works cited in the text of your paper, organized by author or however the citation style requires the citation to be listed.

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