The purpose of lab reports is to describe and evaluate specific laboratory experiments using one or more scientific principles. The goal is to investigate theories using scientific methods. Most often, it consists of reports, schematics, statistical graphs, abstract graphs, software files, and diagrams. Contrary to popular assumption, reports including lab work are not solely found in those involving chemistry, biology, or engineering. The lab reports are also being worked on by psychology, data science, and nursing majors.

You can come across the following types of lab reports: Experimental, comparative, explanatory, argumentative and process Analysis

You must submit a lab report as proof of the experiment you conducted. In the future, it will be utilized to demonstrate your methods and your outcomes. Relief or sadly, depending on your analogy, it appears that the order to write a lab report will never go away.

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In a lab report, your hypothesis is presented first, followed by your approach. It then goes on to provide your data and analyses of your findings, demonstrating how you either supported or refuted your original theory.

It is typical to anticipate that your findings will be displayed in a variety of graphs and charts, followed by an analysis of the data to highlight what it reveals.

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