Writing an experimental psychology lab report is not only a necessary skill for psychology majors. Students taking a degree in Psychology must write a lab report at one point.  As a student, you must learn the proper format and develop good writing technique for lab reports. These abilities are especially important if you intend to attend graduate school or work in research. Your professors will expect you to follow the guidelines outlined in the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual when writing your psychology lab report (4th ed.). These standard guidelines are referred to as APA format.

A psychology lab essay is a paper that describes an experiment in the same format that professional journal articles are written in. These are the essential components of a psychology lab report, as well as what each should contain.

Page Title

This will be your lab report’s first page. It should contain critical information such as the title of your paper, your name, and your academic affiliation.


It contains a brief description of what you set out to find in your research, how you went about it, and a general statement describing your findings will appear on page two of your lab report. According to the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide, the abstract for most lab reports should be no more than 250 words. 1 The specific word count and format of your abstract, however, may differ depending on your instructor or the academic journal in which you intend to publish.


Your paper should start with an introduction that describes previous findings on your topic of interest, explains the goals of your current research, and describes your hypothesis—what you expect to learn as a result of your research. Your introduction will most likely be several pages long in order to provide a thorough and sufficient overview of previous research. Make sure to cite all sources according to APA guidelines.


The method section will be the next section of your lab report. You will describe the procedures you used in your research in this section of your report. You’ll include details like the number of participants in your study, each individual’s background, your independent and dependent variables, and the type of experimental design you used.


You will describe the statistical data gathered from your research in the results section of your lab report. This section will most likely be brief; no interpretation of your results is required. Display statistical data and results using tables and figures.


Following that, you should include a discussion section in your lab report. In this section, you will interpret your experiment results and state whether your findings support your hypothesis. You should also provide possible explanations for your findings and what they might mean for future research on the topic.

References Your lab report should include a list of the references you used in your experiment and lab report after your discussion section. Remember to include all references cited in the text in the references section, and vice versa. All citations should be in APA format.

Appendices and Additional Materials

Any tables or figures used to display your results should be included in the lab report’s appendix. Consult the American Psychological Association’s Publication Manual for more detailed descriptions and examples of tables and figures.

Psychology Research Report Writing

Reports on psychology research provide an account of a human behavior experiment. The account not only includes information about the experiment’s process. However, it also communicates the research’s relevance, validity, and reliability in a well-developed line of argument. A research report explains how the current study relates to previous research and how it adds to the body of knowledge.


Each section of a research report has direct links to the others and is logically related. As a result, even if only a few sections are available to read, it is possible to predict what needs to be included in any section. Some assignments give students the method and results sections of the lab report and then ask them to write the rest of the report. In other words, students must deduce the research question and hypothesis or hypotheses from the method and results sections. Consider creating a research story as a starting point for this task.


The structure of research reports is as follows: Title, Introduction, Literature Review (sometimes included in the Introduction), Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. Some research reports may also require a title page, abstract, and/or appendices, so double-check the specific requirements for your assessment task. Format headings according to APA Style, indicate the structure of a research report.


Research reports must be written in a formal and concise manner. Present your research information in paragraphs, bullet points, or  lists. Some information in the Results section may be best presented as a table or figure, which must also be professionally presented. Make sure that you label with an identifier (for example, Figure 1 or Table 1) as well as a title/caption. You must discuss information in figures and tables within the report. It means that you must explain what it means in words and refer to the graphic being discussed (for example, as shown in Figure 1, there was an increase in…..).

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A laboratory report is a written account of an experiment or other research project that contains the same elements as a published research study. A lab report’s purpose is to describe how and why you performed your experiment, what you discovered, and how you interpreted the final results.

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