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Laboratory Report Format

Your lab report combines what you analyzed in the lab and your interpretation of the results. As a result, it’s only logical that each lab report adheres to a standard format.

The following list will assist you in writing your lab reports:

Page Title

The title page is optional in some circumstances. However, if you are under the supervision of a professor who wants a prepared lab report, it should always be included.

It usually includes the title of your project, the name of your instructor, the date, and a list of all participants who participated in the experiment.


According to best practices, lab reports should have a clear, descriptive title. For example, the experiment’s purpose, what was analyzed, and how it was carried out should all be stated in the title. Question titles are also not recommended.


The abstract summarizes what was analyzed and how it was done throughout the experiment. It also provides the significant findings and interpretations of your analysis and interpretation. The report should be noted that the abstract is not a full-fledged introduction; it should be brief and to the point. When typed, it is frequently italicized.


In this section, you provide a brief background on what was researched in your experiment and the purpose behind it. It should be no more than a few paragraphs long and should describe the primary goals of your investigation and any theories used to achieve those goals. You can also include what you already know about the issue and why further research is necessary.

Materials and Procedures

This part discusses how you carried out your experiment, including what tools were used and the processes that were followed, and any calculations and testing carried out.

You must be as accurate and detailed as possible while writing this section. If your group work or someone outside of the laboratory follows a protocol, you must include it.

Grammar and tone of voice:

Use the past tense. Because you’re reporting on what you’ve done, it’s complete.

Use no slang or abbreviations: this is a formal paper that demands the same level of formality in writing.

Avoid saying “I” or “we” in the first person (this depends). In any case, employ a third-person perspective. For example, instead of stating, “I did this,” you’ll say, “this was done.”

Don’t use contractions: this isn’t your diary, so refrain from writing “can’t” instead of “cannot.”

The decision between adopting passive or active voice:

The use of passive or active voice is frequently a matter of personal preference. You’ll almost always employ the passive voice when writing in the third person. It’s a good idea to look over your report again and again if you find too many instances of “was” or “were.”

Conclusions and Discussion

This section contains all of the data collected during your experiment. The results are presented in a logical order, usually in the form of a table or graph. The findings section may also include additional computations related to the investigation.

This section contains the following key elements:

  • To clearly describe your data, use data tables and graphs. You can include more than one if one is insufficient.
  • A quick explanation of the data you discovered, including any trends or patterns that may be evident in your findings. Make an effort to link your results to the goals of your experiment.
  • Data calculations are carried out. Then, consistently demonstrate the equation (formula) and explain how it was accomplished step by step.
  • Error analysis is typically presented as a distinct section and should contain any significant causes of error that you did not consider.
  • A word or two concerning table and figure titles and captions
  • When preparing lab reports (or SOPs), always include a title for your tables and figures. Captions describe what the table/figure represents and how it is laid out. Figures appear below the figure, while captions for tables appear above the table.
  • Numbers are used to label tables. The first table in your report, for example, would be titled Table 1, and so on.
  • Graphs, charts, and drawings are examples of figures. They are also designated numerically and in the same sequence as they appear in your lab report. Figure 1 is thus the first figure. When figures are mentioned in the text, they are abbreviated. Figure 1 becomes Fig. 1.


The experiment yielded a set of meticulously collected, arranged, and examined data.

You will try to find a reasonable explanation for the data you have obtained in the discussion section. This section is critical since it demonstrates your comprehension of the subject and whether or not you met the objectives of your experiment.

Secondly, please provide a brief explanation of every piece of data acquired during your research project in the discussion section and tie it to the objectives of your experiment.

Lastly, consider how closely the outcomes match your original hypothesis.


The conclusion is a concise overview of your research and findings. It should not be overly long — one paragraph or three to four phrases would suffice.

The conclusion should explain the purpose of your experiment and emphasize any significant findings.

It should not contain any new information or data, but it may allude to previously stated information.

In this lab report section, you can also discuss your future intentions or activities.


Citations and references are required in all papers, not only lab reports. Therefore, always include the sources you utilized to conduct your experiment — textbooks, articles, manuals, etc.

APA, MLA, and Chicago/Turabian are the most common referencing styles. The particular type to utilize is specified in your assignment or lab instructions.

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